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You can impact the lives of real people right now! Partner with us in giving a groundbreaking air and surface purification unit to an East Palestine, Ohio resident and we will match you unit for unit.

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In February 2023, a derailed train exposed East Palestine, Ohio, to noxious chemicals. The crash site’s controlled burn unleashed a plume of toxic smoke and VOCs into the air. The town is still struggling to breathe.

Impact The East Palestine, Ohio Community Today!

Impact The East Palestine, Ohio Community Today!

Small act — big change. Give today and help us bring comfort and clean air to families and businesses impacted by the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

The Need for Clean Air Is Urgent!

Many residents are still experiencing breathing complications, rashes, nosebleeds, and eye irritations. While over 500 air purification units have been distributed to homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals, hundreds more are still waiting. Your gift is needed today!


Providing a family or business with an air purifier gives them peace of mind. They feel much safer with these units. We are hopeful that by providing more air purifiers, we will see fewer illnesses and more people will feel comfortable staying in our community.

Bob Helbeck, Pastor of the First Church of Christ East Palestine

“Ailments related to the train derailment would be things such as skin rashes…skin peeling off, headaches, dizzy spells, upper respiratory problems…swollen eyes, bronchiolitis…a lot having to do with actually breathing in chemicals in the air. My advice then is to improve the area that you’re in — in your household.”

Richard Tsai, D.C.
Darlington, PA

About the Air Purifier

With your gift of clean air, East Palestine families and businesses will not only receive peace of mind, but the cutting-edge technology of Germ Solutions USA’s Beyond Guardian Air purification unit.

The ENERGY STAR Certified Beyond Guardian Air is portable. It services up to 2500 sq. ft at 1.0 ACH, transforming the air and surfaces using Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation technology to reduce 99.9% of contaminants.

Your generosity will ensure that the air in each home and office will be cleaned 24/7, enabling families and business owners to breathe deep, as Beyond Guardian works to keep them safe.

Air Purification Unit Small

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100% of every donation goes to East Palestine, Ohio disaster relief.


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Every unit given to a family will be matched by Germ Solutions USA.


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