Adult Bible Studies

We would love for you to join us at a Bible study to dig deeper into God’s word.  Because the topics change frequently, please call us or use the form to the right if you would like more information on what we are currently studying.

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Century Hall @ 10am
Taught by Bob Helbeck

Classic Christians
Sunday Morning – Library @ 10am

Jim Ostick teaches the Classic Christians Sunday School class.  This class is for mixed adults 55 years or more mature.

Pairs and Spares
Sunday Morning – Lower Level Room 2 @ 10am

The Pairs and Spares class examines in depth a variety of subjects in light of scriptural guidance.  The class members are a variety of ages.  We spend 2-3 weeks per lesson then move on to a new study.  We have studied a number of different topics, including: studying the Bible vs reading the Bible, if one sin can be worse than another sin, the good Samaritan, why there were wars of conquest, and holiness.

Adult Wednesday Night Class
“Mind Games” Beginning September 12 – Century Hall @ 7pm

Bob will be teaching this class which is based on Romans 12:1-2 and will explore attitudes such as: compassion, peace, self-worth, holiness, surrender, joy, contentment, accountability, obedience and perseverance.

Ladies Wednesday Night Class
“Embraced by God” Beginning September 12 – Library @ 7pm

Every woman longs to know that she is loved, accepted, and valued. Yet many women struggle to understand and accept just how much God really loves them. Ladies, come along with Babbie Mason as we learn to accept God’s unfailing love by understanding and claiming seven biblical promises. This video series will be an eight-week study including the following topics: You are loved unconditionally by God; You are never alone; You are equipped with unique gifts and talents; among others.

Each week Babbie will teach us via video lessons and music. We’ll also have time for class discussions and prayer, led by Nickie Ostick. The Participant Book includes an overview and five devotional readings for each week, with space provided for responding to questions. Participants books cost $12.00 each. You can reserve your copy by signing the list on the bulletin board at church, or sending us an email here.