We offer many opportunities for our youth to learn and grow in Christ.  Here is an overview of some of the programs we offer.

High School Youth Group – Sunday @ 7pm
Starting September 16th, we will start a new series entitled “Habits of Jesus”.  Jesus gave us many examples of how to live life. Jesus intentionally interacted with the crowds of people, religious leaders, and his disciples—all while growing in his relationship with God the Father. Jesus not only understood the reality of life, he also lived it. His habits are truly doable and relevant to life today.

This four-lesson series will give teenagers the chance to dive deeper into the habits of Jesus. It’s more than replicating what he did—it’s all about understanding why he did what he did.


Middle School Youth Groups – Wednesday @ 7pm
New series entitled “Romans: Rescued” begins September 16th.  An argument can be made that Romans is the hardest book of the Bible to understand.  While this may be true, it is also one of the richest books- the Apostle Paul’s masterful book of theology.  In it he outlines the basics of our faith and a clear presentation of the gospel.  SO much of our faith can be hard to understand, and while Romans can be a challenge for students, and adults, to grasp, it is super important to examine and discuss.

Elementary Youth Group – Wednesday @ 7pm
Our elementary youth group will be starting a new series for the new school year.  When school starts, we can’t forget to bring good with us. At school we should continue to be disciples and be the light to our friends and teachers

K-6th Grade Junior Church – Sundays @ 8:45 & 11am

Sometimes super heroes do great things. Other times it’s the little things that make them super. Big and small things add up to a life that honors God and allows us to do some super things for others.

“How to be a Superhero” is a 12-week program where kids will learn that small acts done for Jesus can lead to a super life.